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Interactive Map. Tourist Info Centers. Special Offers. Visit Our Blog. Rhode Island is packed with great things to do. For the smallest state in the country, Rhode Island manages to fit This is a relatively small kayak I purchased and set up for fishing in narrow rivers and streams we have in Ohio.

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I take it to ponds , lakes and other bodies of water as it is light weight and very easy to get around. I have noticed that several people have thought that this kayak is "unstable in the water " , not sure what they mean by that maybe their balance or lack of experience should be taken into consideration , as I have not had problems with that fishing many lakes in some very adverse conditions.

I have a spray skirt , splash jacket and neoprene pants go down parts of the New River in W. I am quite fit for 64 and it is possible people mentioning instability should be in a canoe and not a yak? I don't know. I have had a blast in this Sundolphin and would just like to see more people go out and enjoy themselves. Have fun see you on the water. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt , then it's hilarious!! The Sun Dolphin Aruba 8 is great for me as a beginner, 5'6 lb woman.

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I can manage loading and unloading it easily because it's so light and there are strategic gripping points. There is plenty of leg room up front for me. I'm having a little trouble finding a spray skirt to fit. The cockpit opening is a little larger than most kayaks I guess. I've had fun with it on calm waters and ventured into some class II rapids. I'd like to get something better suited for whitewater next time. My favorite thing about it is that I can slide it right into my Elantra hatchback if I don't feel like strapping it on top.

It actually fits in the car! Bought this boat for the kids, they used it twice and totally lost interest. Didn't want it to go to waste, so on a day on the Chesapeake Bay windy and wavy enough that I surfed two hours I got stoked and took this thing out. Fought the waves and made it out to about foot deep water and the 3 foot chop on the sandbar immediately sunk me, luckily the extra foam floatation blocks were enough assistance to get me back in but it was no fun fighting my way back to shore.

I will never start referring to my kayak as a "yak," which I believe most people giving this boat bad reviews have a high enough opinion of themselves probably do. It's great for a boat so inexpensive, but has the drawbacks you would expect from the value-pricing. Pros: It is light and easy to get around, just keep it in shallow water on calm days or stick to shallow lakes and small rivers.

Cons: if you're larger it can be a little unstable even on calm water but you should be in a longer boat anyway. New to kayaking but didn't know where to start. I found this Aruba kayak, loved the price, the weight and the length. I'm a 50ish yr old woman, so the weight and ability to load and unload from car top solo is important. I use it on a very calm lake so I don't know how this would do on a river or a lake with high boat traffic.

Love it, just wish seat was more comfortable and it had foot rests. I bought two Aruba 8 footers. I can fit both of them inside my van and I can take them on the freeway without worry. The Aruba sit on is a great barefoot kayak on super hot days. It splashes well and surfs like crazy. My 8 foot Aruba sit in was also very good choice. It is more of a creek boat than a lake boat. It is very stable and quite comfortable. Three years ago I was new to kayaking and did not want to spend a fortune on something I might only use once or twice.

As it turns out, I love kayaking and get out often. It took some getting used to but now I have all my techniques down to second nature and I have a great time running two small local rivers, and surfing at the dam. I wanted a short kayak that wouldn't take up too much room on deck of my 35' sailboat. I use it to paddle around the marina and for short distance out on the mile wide Columbia River.

I weight lbs and the Aruba 8 has plenty of buoyancy in a small package. It tracks OK with constant paddling, but it doesn't glide very well which is only an issue when I want to take a drink from my water bottle. The fore and aft deck-top drain plugs are a little tough to get out and in. I keep a chopstick in the kayak to push the plugs back in after draining. I couldn't drain the kayak without removing the plugs. It is compact, durable, easy to get in and out, and lightweight. Overall I'm very happy with the Aruba 8.

First of all, this kayak is a good value for entry level. Dunham's regularly has coupons for big discounts. My kids are loving this kayak. Takes effort to reinsert them.

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Hey, it's not a pontoon boat! I took it out this morning to the bay area and while paddling, I realized that it tip very easily.

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It is not about getting use to this kayak but how it is made. I had to concentrate to ensure that I don't make a sudden movement either to the right or the left as I know for sure that it will tip. I do like the kayak as it not too heavy to carry and it fits in my van nicely.

I will keep it as it is inexpensive at Walmart and would invest in a stabilizer as this will prevent it from tipping. I bought this spare kayak for my crabbing and is concerned about hauling in my trap as I have to ensure that my balancing is correct. Remember it tips easily. I believed the stabilizer will help me relax and enjoy the paddling.

Aruba 8 SS

I own 6 kayaks and have been paddling sporadically for about 20 years. Mostly on a small lake but a few calm ocean trips and river runs in class 1 and some 2 rapids. I like inexpensive boats that are easy to load in a minivan and I don't have to worry about banging up. I have 3 Daggers and and 3 Old Towns. I bought this kayak for my grand kids and for the size and weight.

At 73 years old weight is becoming an issue and 27 lbs. I do find this one less stable than my normal lake kayaks, but it's OK for me and really easy to carry. I do find the sides higher than normal and I have to hold the paddle higher. I probably won't buy another one but I do use this one more than the others for it's ease of handling on dry land. My grand kids say it's tippy. We have two of these kayaks, blue and red. My 8 year old 75 lbs and 11 year old 85 lbs sons love them and can paddle around for hours.

My 16 year old lbs and I took them out one day and I felt comfortable and stable in it, as did he. The storage is small, but if you are short you can store some things in front by your legs. Seat is hard plastic, but padding could be added and I felt comfortable. Very lightweight and easy for my boys to carry down to the lakes. Great for day trips on calm lakes. To who said that its unstable I disagree very much. I myself am lbs and I have no problems with this kayak I'm guessing that you have never used a kayak before. Yes, it was unstable the very first 10 mins of being on it before I got use to it.

You just have to get use to the feel of the kayak. Extremely unstable. I took this kayak out on the bay on a light wind day yet it was very difficult to keep upright. I was doing fine going with the wind but as soon as I turned into the wind it quickly filled with water and sank leaving me stranded for 8 hours thankfully game wardens came and picked me up. It should be pulled from market very dangerous if I was not a strong swimmer I would be dead! My son at lbs tried it, his friend at lbs tried it, and I at lbs tried it.

All three of us found it to be very unstable. Maybe OK for a child or a small woman but I would not recommend it for anyone over lbs. Overall a great, stable kayaks. Lightweight easy to transport handle good on the water. The seat is a bit uncomfortable nothing a pad won't cure highly recommend to the fiscally impaired. Welcome Log Out Log In. Win Stuff! Newest Reviews Kalleq Gearlab. Bay 10 Convertible Enjoy Kayaks. Zydeco 9. Otter Ranger Canoe. Akiak Gearlab.

Discover Cool New Gear. Caribbean 12 FS by Eddyline Kayaks. Have a product you'd like to review? Submit a Review. Plan Trips from Outfitters Trips from the Community. Travel Maps Trip Planning Photography. Latest Articles. Best Sit-On-Top Kayaks of Kayaking Patagonia's 3 Toughest Rivers. Get Involved Join Newsletter. Profile My Account Create Account. Join Join Paddling Perks. DVDs Skills Entertainment. Aruba 8 SS by Sun Dolphin.

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Aruba 8 SS Description. Aruba 8 SS Reviews. Read 45 Reviews. Submit Your Review. It was too tippy for me. Sun Dolphin products are good overall. I prefer the 10 footer. Very unstable kayak. May be okay for a child because they are so lite. This was a big disappointment! Wish I had bought a better kayak in the beginning. I was almost ready to quit. I got this kayak because of the size and the weight of it. I had a larger and much heavier kayak years ago, but never used it because I couldn't load it onto my car or off from it by myself.

This kayak is perfect for when I'm heading out on solo adventures. It's easy to carry and load onto my car by myself and I've had a great time with it out on the lake and on smaller ponds. I don't understand the reviewers who say it's unstable as I've not had that problem at all. In fact, my first time out with it was on a large lake on a windy day and the waves were coming up over the front of the kayak.

I never felt unstable. I do wish it had rigging on the bow, not just in the back and foot pegs would be nice. Having said that, this boat is really inexpensive and rigging and pegs can easily be added. I would recommend this kayak to anyone looking for a cheap and fun way to get out on the water. Also a good foundation to build upon make it a cheep and great fishing kayak. This kayak is a great beginner boat. It is priced right for a starter. If you are concerned with stability, this kayak cannot be rolled. I love the luggage compartment and bungi straps for easy accessibility.

It is an all around great recreational boat. Because of its small size it is hard to get going but I had no issues tipping while there were big waves over top of the kayak I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cheep kayak to use every so often for fun. It would be nice if there were foot pegs.

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I might put another review up later if i find problem after further use. I took it to a local lake and paddled for 1 hour yesterday, a calm day at 60 deg F in lower Michigan. Directionality and picking up speed is adequate for a 8' long boat. I'm satisfied with it for a fitness paddling purpose in a summer time. It fits in my pickup truck, which is a key requirement for me. Overall, a good, cost effective beginning boat. I purchased this kayak to use on a calm lake not far from my home.

I love it. Cockpit roomy, lite enough to handle it by myself. Mainly used for birding at the lake. Purchased another sit-in Aruba 8' and 2 sit-in 10' so that my grandchildren can enjoy the kayaks too.